Birds are gone for 2024

check back in january for our 2025 chick list!

Thanks for entrusting us with the care of your day old poultry.  We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in building your flocks from year to year with a diversity of breeds of all classes of poultry.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to care for them until they’re yours.

Grandma always said, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.  Well here, it’s “Don’t sell your birds until they arrive”.  With the amount of variables at play in working with day old poultry and the amount of labor involved in caring for the little ones, we do not accept reservations for birds.  Bird sales are first come, first served once they have arrived, are situated, and are ready to go home.

 We will be using our phone’s answering greeting to keep you informed of the status of bird arrival.  If you hear the message you’re waiting for on the greeting, you will then be patched through to the front desk where one of our sales team can let you know if what you’re looking for is available.  

Store Phone Number: (919) 542-3353

We will also be posting on Instagram when weekly bird shipments arrive.  This is a fantastic way to get real-time notifications about who’s just flown in.


We do our best to keep these resources current  to keep you informed.

About Our Birds

We sell day old chicks, ducklings, keets (baby guineas), and poults (baby turkeys) in March, April and May. During this time we line up a chick shipment to arrive weekly from several different hatcheries.

We work with Cackle Hatchery, a family run hatchery in Lebanon, Missouri.  Their website is full of information about the selection of  birds they offer as well as instructions for care.   We have been working with Cackle Hatchery for many years.  We have been very pleased with the health of the birds they send us as well as their rate of success in properly sexing birds.   Cackle's average success rate in sexing poultry is 90% meaning that in every 100 birds sexed as female, 10 may turn out to be roosters.  As a purchaser of day-old poultry, you assume the risk of getting a male even if the batch has been sexed as females; sexing day old poultry is as much of an art as a science & even the most seasoned professionals can make errors.  As a buyer of day-old birds, once they leave our doors, you have who you have. 

We also work with Freedom Ranger Hatchery, a family of hatcheries in Reinholds and New Holland PA.  Lots of great information about the breeds they supply can be found on their website as well. 

We do not offer replacements for birds that may die or accept birds back once they have been sold.  That being said, anyone with unwanted cockerels is welcome to post a re-homing ad on our community board located by the ramp on our loading dock.

Heritage Breeds

Owning heritage breeds has become increasingly popular. Several of the birds we stock are heritage breeds. To read about which ones are heritage breeds, we encourage you to visit The Livestock Conservancy’s website, a wonderful resource based right here in downtown Pittsboro.  

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