Custom Shade Cloth Group Order

Deadline Monday, March 22

 Last year, this custom shade cloth order was a huge success, but it did take DeWitt quite some time to fill our massive order, and the temperatures were climbing while we waited.  This year,  we're getting an earlier start on shade cloth to secure everyone's needs before the temperatures climb. 

Shade cloth can be used to extend the season for heat sensitive crops, get an earlier start on fall crops, and is becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce summer temperatures in tunnels. (In the summer, we put shade cloth over our front greenhouse to decrease the watering needs of our nursery plants.)   Not gardening?  Shade cloth can also serve lots of other purposes from covering dog kennels to providing a shady area in a chicken run.  

Although we custom order shade cloth for our customers year round, participating in this group order insures you best availability and pricing.  The biggest advantage is freight.   This group order will qualify for free freight while orders placed individually throughout the year often have hefty freight charges attached.

Order Deadline:  Monday, March 22

Expected Arrival:  mid to late April

How to Order:  Email All Requests to

You Have Three Options:

1) Order a ROLL of what we restock and get 10% off.

  • 6’ x 100’ Black, 40% shade, normally $100 ($90 w/order)
  • 12’ x 100’ Black, 40% shade, normally $200 ($180 w/order)
  • 14’x 100’ Aluminet, 50% shade, normally $539 ($485 w/order)


2) Order BY THE FOOT from what we restock and get 15-20% off.

  • 6’ Black, 40% shade, normally $1.50/foot ($1.20/foot w/order)
  • 12’ Black, 40% shade, normally $3.00 ($2.40/foot w/order)
  • 14’ Aluminet, 50% shade, normally $5.95/foot ($5.05/foot w/order)


3)  Order What Ya Want (Within Reason) – Submit a Custom Order

Here’s your chance to get a special length, width, percent shade, and even build in grommets without paying the additional freight!  Send me the details, and I will send you a custom quote. To make this super efficient for both of us, I just ask that you send me a complete list of the following details, and I will respond back with a price for you to approve before I place my order:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Length x Width Desired (round to the nearest foot, please nothing smaller than 10’x20’)
  • Black or Aluminet? (Aluminet is way more costly as you can see above but offers increased cooling while still allowing plenty of light transmission)
  •  Percent Shade? 
  • For Black, choices are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90%           
  • For Aluminet, choices are 50 or 70%
  • Grommets? 
  • Yes or No? 
  • How far apart do you want them spaced - round to nearest foot?  If you want different spacing on long and short sides of cloth, specify that.